I have been faced many times in my life with the decision to bow the knee to tragedy or rise above and refuse to let it have power over me. I have always heard that what you are is revealed when life doesn’t go your way.

 A few years back I found myself in the midst of a disastrous situation, the likes of which I could never have imagined! It was the kind of thing that movies are made of. This particular situation did not break me and in fact, strengthened my passion to be a positive influence and see it’s great value first hand. Had I not had the upbringing I was blessed with, I don’t know what would have happened to my life when tragedy struck!

The Lord is my rock and through that time I relied on my faith and the strength and support of the significant people in my life. I emerged from that chapter of my life a wiser and stronger woman! I refused to let my circumstances define me or to become a victim. I am hopful that my experiences in these short 29 years that I have been on this earth will serve to be helpful in bringing hope to others. Due to these devastating experiences, I now find it easier to relate to people with all kinds of life challenges. I desire to give inspiration and hope to all those I come in contact with. It’s my life’s mission and purpose to be a beacon of light in this dark world and I just know that God was faithful to deliver me then and He remains that way no matter what may come! Nothing is too big or too small to bring to Him.

 Just as the broken pieces of my life were being put back together, life threw me another curve ball! Near the end of March 2013, we found the answer to what we thought were severe migraines that I had been suffering from for several months. On a particularly bad day, I was taken to the hospital where a CT scan revealed a large tumor in the right frontal lobe of my brain. A post-surgery biopsy later would reveal a grade 3 brain tumor, known as an Oligodendroglioma which is a very rare and dangerous tumor.

 My first thought upon waking up from the surgery and being told I wouldn’t have any more headaches was sheer relief! I had been faced with debilitating headaches since my son was born five months earlier! I leaned on my husband and support system and once again began the fight of my life! Once I understood that I had undergone an emergency craniotomy, I surprisingly was not overcome with fear. After the shock had worn off, I thought to myself, “Wow! I am so honored that God trusts me this much to know that not even this will keep me from loving Him and fulfilling my purpose!”  What an interesting chapter in the story of my life!

From the moment I realized that I would be needing additional treatment to address any leftover cancerous cells that could result in the formation of a new tumor and another surgery, I knew that my life could never be the same. I knew that I needed to make the very best decision possible for my future treatment. The more I learned, the more uncomfortable I began to feel with standard treatments. Those treatments would entail 6 weeks of radiation and a year of chemotherapy. What I began to understand about these treatments scared me more than cancer itself. I began to follow my heart and research alternatives. Through that process I learned that we all have cancer cells in our body. Apparently the reason some of us end up with cancer is that our body’s immune system is unable to inhibit it because it is broken down somehow. It seemed only natural then to embark on a plan to build up my immune system and to adopt a Ketogenic Diet designed to starve the cancer cells! It was a challenge to deprive myself of the sugar I had been seemingly addicted to over the last year or so. The first thing I did was to wean myself off sugar and replace it with stevia to curb my cravings. I began to feel much healthier and more confident in these non-traditional treatment methods. Furthermore, I was determined to find a doctor who could successfully lead me through the many options for natural care.   Since the day of my diagnosis, my story had begun to spread all over the world. Thousands of people had begun to pray for me because of a Facebook page, “Lotz of Prayer for the Lotzs”.

 I believe one of the answers to those prayers came when I was contacted by a family friend in Arizona who put me in touch with Team Up Against Cancer. This led to my discovery of the type of natural treatment I had been searching for! I sent my medical information to Dr. Steve Osguthorpe, N.D. from www.GenEpic.com who quickly reviewed my case and accepted me into their FDA approved, phase two clinical trial! It was everything I was hoping and believing for. It would allow me the ability to stay at home and care for our new baby and continue on my path to a strong and healthy lifestyle! I drink a packet of Genepic mixed with water twice daily and follow the doctor prescribed food guidelines. GenEpic pays for all my labs which are done locally and will monitor my progress for years after the initial treatments. They report up to 97% cure rate of patients treated. Thankfully, this product is not too good to be true. It is obvious that it is science and a desire for a cure rather than greed that drives them to do what they are doing. I am extremely thankful that GenEpic has discovered a method of using a natural treatment to fight against cancer and other auto immune disorders. It has been a year now of clear MRI’s and blood work. I have NO time stamp on my life anymore and will continue to believe this way! Praise God for speaking so clearly and for giving me direction and the confidence to stay the course in the midst of many loud and conflicting voices. To Him be ALL the glory!Rebekah Lotz, Cancer Survivor.

Rebekah Lotz

I would love to share with all that will listen to the following sincere Testimony of the miraculous blessings and healing the Lord has bestowed upon me.

Some 7 months ago I was getting an MRI of my back and neck as a result of a slip and fall that I had experienced. Well, my spine and neck looked pretty good, but the Radiologist noticed lesions on my Thyroid, a part of my MRI that was not even in question.

I then was advice to visit my ENT (Ear, nose, and throat) for further observation regarding my Thyroid, at which time my ENT said it was probably nothing, but would schedule me for an Ultra Sound. Needless to say, when the results came back he wanted to go a little deeper and scheduled a needle biopsy. When the results came back they said it was 80% cancer and 20% questionable.

We proceeded to schedule my surgery during which they removed a portion of the left side of my Thyroid and sent it in to Pathology. When it came back it was positive reading of cancer, but the doctor said the cancer was so small (like the size of the head of a pen) that they would have never been able to detect it for possibly 10 years if not discovered by the Radiologist and then who knows how it would have spread.

I believe nothing is by accident and the GREAT LORD JESUS CHRIST is always protecting me and LOVES ME TO LIFE not DEATH. What are the odds of ever finding by accident such a small dot of cancer?

There are many unanswered phenomenons in this world and I personally know that all good comes from those who LOVE the LORD and every lesson is a lesson of LOVE no matter how hard the lesson may be. God, makes NO mistakes, so for those who TRUST and don’t judge him, but embraces his choices and just loves him will be REWARDED beyond their wildest dreams, either here on earth and/or in HEAVEN. Mari J. – Cancer Survivor

Mari J.

My name is Dan Ostrowski and I am here to tell you that we really have a God that loves us beyond belief and He is there for us always.

My story starts with the passing of a couple of bad years financially then with the loss of my sister and mother; and then end of a 10 year relationship. I didn’t have much left and wound up living in a little travel trailer near Lake Pleasant with no job and a broken heart. I began to walk my dog at night and started to pray to Jesus for help. My father had always told me that I should pray for guidance and help and if you really mean it your prayers will never go unanswered and that’s when things started to change.

I was offered a new job as a construction sales estimator for a company in Phoenix but I knew very little about the product and felt overwhelmed. I started coming to church at Dream City Church and started to tithe from what little I had and kept praying. Lo and behold sales leads started coming in and my phone never stopped ringing and finally money started coming in and I continued to pray and give thanks to God and giving back to God, things were looking pretty good.

Then one day in January of 2011 I felt a little lump in my neck about 2 inches above my collar bone, it didn’t hurt and I felt good so I didn’t see any cause for concern. Needless to say the lump did not go away and was getting larger but I couldn’t bothered, I was working doing well and very busy.

I suddenly got very sick with the flu and had to go to the Emergency Room, and during the exam the doctor ask me about the lump and told me he assured me it was a clogged saliva gland and gave me some antibiotics. Weeks went by and the lump got larger and I knew it was time to do something as I was scared and continued to pray. I finally went to a throat specialist and he took a biopsy and said he would contact me with the results. Three days later he called and told me I had tonsil cancer in my right tonsil but I should not worry as it was a very common type of cancer in men my age and had a cure rate of about 72%.

My life suddenly stopped with his words, I could not believe I had cancer! I prayed for guidance and help and that God would guide me and show me the way. I was referred to an oncologist who could see me immediately and turned out to be the best in the area for my type of cancer.

The Lord was just starting to work on me and I kept praying. I liked my new doctor, he was straight forward, easy to talk with, explained everything in terms I could understand but that time was important because I was stage IV. I had but a few days to make up my mind to begin treatment and I was scared to death!

I went to PFA that Sunday and sat near the front, everyone was very nice to and greeted me warmly. Then a man came up to me and introduced himself, after which he reached out and put his arm around me and told me “Jesus loves you and you are going to be ok!” I started to cry how did he know? I couldn’t stop the tears and after the service he came back to me and told me about TEAM UP! Against Cancer, the Tuesday night prayer meeting and he invited me to come to the meeting.

The whole TEAM UP group made me feel so welcome as I was introduced to the other people in the group. I asked if anyone had healed of the type of cancer I had and I was also introduced to my TEAM UP “Buddy”, Mark Inda and his wife Marcie. As it turned out Mark had the same type of cancer I had and in fact had used the same doctor who was currently treating me. Mark said he would be my TEAM UP “Buddy” and would be there for me during my treatments sharing with me what each procedure was all about and what I could expect. This was divine intervention.

I was also introduced to Pastor Saeed that night and I asked him to pray for me and he prayed one of the strongest and loving prayers I have ever heard in my life after which I felt super charged and I believed something good was going to happen to me. I was to begin treatment in 6 days and on the 5th day I noticed the tumor appeared to have gotten smaller and I felt God was working on me.

On the 7th day I started chemotherapy and even the doctor commented before he began the treatment stated the tumor seemed to be smaller. I also started radiation the next day as part of my treatment program. Mark advised me the first couple of weeks would be pretty easy except for some sickness from the chemo and I did ok. Things went downhill from there as I started to get really sick, could not eat or even drink because of the extreme difficulty in swallowing and as a result I was losing weight very rapidly.

My new friends at church, TEAM UP and Tuesday night prayer continue to pray for me and called me and praye for me when I couldn’t make it to the meetings.

During this time I was unable to work, was in and out of the hospital three times as I was battling this “beast”. My very best friends Bill and Marci Toth stepped in a gave me a place to stay in their home so they could keep an eye on me. I had my own room and bath and a place for my dog “Gus.”

With the encouragement of Mark, Bill and Marci I was able to complete all the chemo and radiation treatments but it was brutal. I almost didn’t make it, another trip to the hospital in fact 6 of them, all because I was so dehydrated that my system was starting to shut down. After a few days I was on the road to recovery and was released after a few days.

A few weeks later I went to see my throat doctor they checked me over and could not find any cancer and schedule a CT scan and PET scan for the next day. I was still scared and prayed myself to sleep every night and four days later the oncologist called to say “all tests came back negative with no trace of a tumor or cancer anywhere in my body.” Praise God!!!

During this journey I was truly blessed with good doctors, good new friends and precious old friends. I wish to give a very special thank you to my old and dear friends Bill and Marci Toth, Mark and Judy Tabin, Captain Ron and Betty Terdahl, and my new and dear friends Mark and Marci Inda, Pastor Saeed, David Bryant, Lyn Mize and everyone at TEAM UP! Against Cancer, the Prayer Ministry and PFA. God bless all of you.

I am proud to say I am 100% cancer free. I needed a miracle and God answered my prayers, you ask and HE will answer. All my praise is to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dan Ostrowski – Cancer Survivor

Dan Ostrowski

May of 2007 represented the toughest time of our lives. Mark, the head of our family, was diagnosed with stage 4-5 tonsil cancer. It was as if a hammer had just been dropped on our family; we were absolutely devastated. Little did we know that this was the beginning of what was yet to come; a relationship with God that we never imagined that we could have.

In some cases, God whispers to us to get our attention; that’s what He does now anyway, probably because we’re actually obedient. At this particular point in our lives, He had to use a megaphone to get our attention. That’s because the lifestyle we were living wasn’t one that was pleasing to God. We definitely knew who He was, but in no way were we doing the right things.

We decided to go the traditional route of chemotherapy and radiation. Although times became tougher and Mark became very weak, the cancer returned and we were shocked again. In fact, the cancer continued to come back time and time and time again; literally, every 3 months it seemed like we started the battle all over and never felt like we could overcome any of these obstacles.

That was truly the breaking point for us. We were so hurt and tired, and as the times continued to get tougher and the answers to our questions of “Why us, why now, why does this keep coming back?” yielded no results, we knew we had to do something different. Not different in terms of the treatment path we had chosen, but different from the standpoint that we surrendered to God. Mark simply prayed to God, “Lord, I give this all to You because I can’t do this on my own anymore.” Shortly thereafter, Mark felt God say to him in his spirit, “leave it to me.”

Since that day, Mark has been cancer free. Our simple prayer that seemed so impossible at that time was answered! Since then, we have completely devoted our lives to serving God and love to pray for others. With both the Prayer Pavilion of Light at Dream City Church and our association with Team Up! Against Cancer, we start every day by asking God to use us to help others. There truly is no greater feeling than serving God!

We can’t begin to explain how incredible it is to see miracles all of the time. We know that Mark’s life is truly a miracle, and we give all of the glory to God, and to God alone.

Just like Mark and Marcie’s commitment to God their commitment to TEAM UP! Against Cancer can never be questioned, check out Mark’s tattoo!

Mark & Marcie Inda

I want introduce myself, my name is Danny and I wanted to share my story:

I was moving along in life, I had a good life, steady employment, married for 25 years. I went to church now and then, maybe on holidays. All of a sudden I hit a major roadblock in my life. Due to the economy I was laid off from my job, lost my insurance and my savings account was diminishing.

And then the major devastation; throughout the years I have had several surgeries on my back, and now again, something wasn’t right, after several trips to the doctor and a MRI, it was found that I had kidney cancer.

When I heard that I had cancer, I was devastated the feeling of being alone and that nobody would be able to help. How could this happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Does anyone understand? Who is going to be there to help me, my family? There are so many more things I want to do in life. At that point I could hardly function to do my daily activities; I knew I was in for the fight of my life, and I really didn’t know if I had the fight in me.

My wife convinced me that it’s time I started going to church with her, she didn’t know how or what was going to happen she just stated that I had to put my faith in God. Being in the state of mind I was in I agreed, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much.

And then it happened, from the minute I walked through the door, I felt the warmth of the Church. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the sermon; Pastor Luke was speaking on “Going through the Storms in your Life” as I sat in that sermon in the room full of people, I felt that it was God and I; I knew that God was talking to me. At the end of the service the Pastor stated that anyone who needed prayer should go to the front and there would be Pastors there to pray with them.

The moment I stepped to the front of the church, my life changed forever, I met Pastor Dale and his wife Lynn and I told them my situation, they prayed with me and again confirmed that all things are possible through Christ. They introduced me to David Bryant, and TEAM UP! Against Cancer who then introduced me to Pastor Saeed. I can’t say enough about these two men, the compassion, understanding, wisdom and faith that these two men showed me; and the confirmation they gave me that Jesus was there for me and anything is possible through him.

They informed me of the Prayer Chapel, and I started faithfully visiting it daily, I found I had new relationships not just with the church family, but also with our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ll never forget the night of miracles when Pastor Saeed told me it was going to be all right. A feeling of calmness came over me and I knew at that moment that everything was going to alright. I also attended some Tuesday night prayer meetings, what a powerful influence that had on my life, all of a sudden, I didn’t feel alone anymore, everyone was telling me that Jesus was there for me and they were right I could feel him.

Well here it is 10 months later and I am cancer free, not only do I feel like a new man, I am a new man. I am forever grateful to Dream City Church and the people of this church; they made me feel like family, but most of all I want to thank Jesus, as I have learned that all things are possible through him. This experience has had a major impact on my life, my new found life, the life I now live for Jesus.

I want everyone to know of my experience, especially anyone that is going through hardships, be assured that you are not alone, Jesus is watching and he is waiting there for you, all he wants is for you is to open your heart to him and ask.

Everything that happened to me in this 10 month time frame after finding out I had the cancer; my wife suggesting that I go to Church, the sermon at the church just happening to be “Going through storms in your life”, the Pastors waiting in the front of the church with prayer signs to pray with people in need, the church having “A Night of Miracles”, meeting David and Pastor Saeed, and being able to make daily visits to the prayer chapel. No one has to convince me, there is only one person that could orchestrate such a performance; the one and only one Jesus Christ.

Oh and by the way, my wife feels that this all went into action 7 years ago when she walked into a Circle K and picked up a ticket and attended The Christmas Pageant and has been attending every Sunday since then.

Let me close in again saying Thank You to Dream City Church and all the people involved in this orchestrated plan. No words can express the gratitude I have for all of you. Danny Biagianti – Cancer Survivor

Danny Biagianti

In March of 2012, after a routine blood test indicated a substantial rise in my PSA to 80.9, my primary doctor advised me to make an appointment with a recommended urologist. After further testing and a biopsy it was indicated to me that I had stage IV prostate cancer.

The immediate advice from the urologist was to have two hormone blocker shots and begin radiation treatments immediately. I agreed to the first of the hormone blocker shots that day and the second shot was scheduled 30 days later. So after the initial treatment, my wife Bonnie and I left on a long awaited European trip.

Soon after returning from our trip I was advised by a trusted friend to talk to a gentleman from TEAM UP! Against Cancer named David Bryant, who is a cancer survivor, After discussing some possible solutions I was advised to speak to a Dr. Izabela Musial who has offices here in Phoenix and had some cancer patients that had experienced great success using a treatment that feature a product called GenEpic. GenEpic was developed by Dr. Steve Osguthorpe of Optimal Health Research in Salt Lake City, Utah.

After fasting and making dietary changes and taking GenEpic twice a day, two months after beginning this treatment protocol my blood work revealed my PSA was now 6.9 and there are no visible signs of cancer anywhere. At 82 years of age I am cautious to say that “I am cancer free forever” and by the grace of God tomorrow looks great and I expect every day thereafter to be the same.

Editors Note:

For additional information regarding this treatment protocol please contact the offices of Dr. Steven Osguthorpe, ND, Optimal Health Research, 801-264-8561 or www.genepic.com

G. Darrell Olson

My name is Kay Sorenson. My story begins with a little pain in my left side. I found it very uncomfortable to lay on my left side, so I thought I would make an appointment with the doctor to be checked out. My doctor looked a little alarmed when he told me that my white blood cell count was off the charts.

He sent me to a specialist to have both a cat scan and a colonoscopy. Both results showed that I had colon cancer. After examining the results of both tests, the surgeon told me that he didn’t think the cancer had broken through the wall and that was good news, however it turned out to be anything but good news. During the surgery, he discovered that the cancer had in fact broken through the wall and had attached itself to my ribs and also to my back bone. In addition it had made its way into my lymph glands, I was stage IV.

As the incision was healing, I was informed that I must take 10 months of chemotherapy, and then 14 days of radiation, and then an additional 3 months of the chemotherapy again. They warned me that if I didn’t go through this process, that my chances of survival would be around 6 months to maybe a year to live.

I tried the chemo therapy for a month and a half, and I became so sick and so weak that I thought I was going to die just from that treatment. A member of my church approached me with some information to check out, an alternative to the traditional method for treating cancer. He told me to call Tracy Gibbs with Optimal Health Research.

I made an appointment to see Tracy. My experience with Tracy and Optimal Health was a totally positive one. They took a sample of my blood and placed the sample on a slide and projected it on to a screen for me to see. A healthy person’s blood cells should be round and free floating. Mine were not. They were stuck together will all manor of mutations and discolorations. Tracy gave me a diet to correct my blood, along with vitamins to build up my immune system, a detox and also a very special herb formula that only kills cancer cells. These ingredients are the same foundational formula for GenEpic Dietary Supplement that was used in a recently completed clinical trial in a hospital in Malaysia.

As I was leaving the Optimal Health office I told Tracy what the Oncologist had said about me only having 6 months to live. Tracy smiled and said, “We’ll have you cancer free in 6 Months.” I immediately stopped taking the chemotherapy, and never did take any radiation treatment. Within a month I returned to Tracy to have my blood checked again. To my surprise, there was my blood, projected up on the screen, with all the cells round and free floating. I was on my way to a magnificent healing.

I stayed on the GenEpic formula and followed Tracy’s dietary instructions and this March I will have been cancer free for 5 years!!!!!! Praise the Lord, Optimal Health Research, Tracy, and all the prayers that went up on my behalf.

Editor’s Note: For more information on the GenEpic Supplements and treatment programs available contact Dr. Steven Osguthorpe at Optimal Health Research, 801-264-8561.

Kay Sorenson 

While both my husband and I were raised in Christian faith and have been members of various churches throughout our lives, we had been fighting a battle that to us was unbelievable. Unable to have the regulatory agencies acknowledge the illegality of the actions that were hurting not only us but others working in our arena also, H.K. and I isolated ourselves from the church we attended and from seeking that support. We failed to ask for God’s help or to turn our problems over to him.

In June of 2010, H.K. became feverish and found a red spot on the back of his leg. He went to our little clinic in Page on Saturday morning and within a couple hours he was in surgery at our local hospital. The first surgery was at 2PM, the second around 8PM and the third at 8 AM on Sunday. Industrial strength antibiotics by IV were started at the same time and the wounds were left open. By Monday morning, as he was headed back to surgery to remove more rotting flesh, life flight was being arranged to Phoenix. The as yet undiagnosed infection, some sort of flesh eating bacteria, was eating tissue faster than the doctors could get ahead of it. By 6PM H.K. was ready to be flown to Banner Good Samaritan Hospital where a team of surgeons and infectious disease physician would be waiting for him.

I drove from Page to Phoenix and due to fires in Flagstaff , I was detoured through the Grand Canyon making this one of the longest journeys of my life. The almost 8 hour drive gave me time to pray to our Savior as never before. I thanked him for all the wonderful qualities he had given my husband and that he had brought him into my life. I prayed that his life be spared.

When I arrived at the hospital H.K. was awake and in intensive care. I spoke with the surgeon who gave me the diagnosis…Fournier’s’ Gangrene. It is a very rare and aggressive flesh eating bacteria…absolutely no idea how it was contracted. The surgeon felt the procedure was a success and that they had gotten ahead of the bacteria…saving all of his organs and his leg. Four weeks later, the surgeons closed up 42 inches of open incisions.

During the time H.K. was hospitalized, an old friend and business associate, David Bryant, came to visit him…they had coffee and prayer 3-4 times per week. David shared with us his spiritual journey and we began to open up and talk about our beliefs. David brought Pastor Saeed to meet H.K. and they bonded instantly. We learned about Dream City Church and the Prayer Pavilion and the hope being promoted with Team Up! Against Cancer. H.K. and I were added to the prayer chain and H.K. received his cell phone prayers every Tuesday. The loving outreach and prayers warmed us and brought us back to our bibles for knowledge and understanding.

Checking H.K. out of the hospital, I opened the tailgate on my Explorer to load his suitcase and strained a muscle in my arm. It really was nothing and we headed home after a long 6 week hospitalization. H.K. was very emotional leaving, breathing the fresh air and actually coming home. Praise God for the miracle of his recovery! His wound care was to continue weekly in St. George, UT. My arm continued to bother me and while rubbing it, I felt the lump under my arm….every woman’s fear. A few days later and several tests in Page, we were told to find a breast center somewhere. The tumor appeared to be malignant, was large, involved 2 lymph nodes, and was very aggressive. There had been no sign of it on my last mammogram 8 months previous. We left the hospital feeling like a bucket of ice water had been thrown on us. Cancer…find a breast center….could take two or more weeks to get in…what to do?

Stunned, headed home and checked the internet for breast centers….one of the first to pop up was the Laura Drier Breast Center at Good Sam here in Phoenix. We knew the hospital well so I called the breast center and told my story to the receptionist. The thought of waiting two weeks to get additional tests and a biopsy was more than I could bear. The gal put me on hold and I was certain that she did not understand the immediacy of my request! I wanted to be seen ASAP not in two weeks! When she finally came back on the line, I was already looking for numbers of other breast centers on the internet, but she said, “Mary, can you be here in Phoenix at 8AM tomorrow? We have scheduled all the tests, procedures and a consultation.” WOW! GOD is great! We couldn’t pack fast enough to head to Phoenix.

The suspicions proved to be true and I had the test results the same day. This was on Thursday, the next Monday I met with the surgeon, and that Friday I had a partial radical mastectomy. Just a few weeks later, 20 weeks of chemotherapy began with trips to Phoenix for the treatments. This was followed by 6 weeks of daily radiation treatments.

While in Phoenix for the first tests, David Bryant encouraged us to attend our first Tuesday night Prayer Pavilion. The prayer, support, and encouragement were remarkable. David introduced us to many cancer survivors. All had chosen their own path of treatment but the mainstay for all the survivors was faith and attitude. It became apparent that keeping the faith and not allowing fear to overwhelm us would be key.

We studied our bibles, asked questions, found areas where our Christian education fell short, and sought more knowledge.

The problems that we had allowed to eat us alive before were nothing compared to what we were both now fighting. What did God have in mind for us? Why haven’t we trusted in Him before and turned all this over to him? Why did we think we were in this all alone? Slowly, through prayer, we have surrendered our troubles and fears to Him.

H.K.’s recovery has been steady with no recurrence or side effects from the drugs or surgeries. My PET scan showed no sign of cancer. Recovery from the cure has been tough, but cure it is. God has something in mind for H.K. and I. Spiritually, we have grown more then imaginable. God has blessed us.

He gives power to the faint and weary, and to him who has no might He increases strength (causing it to multiply and making it to abound). ISAIAH 40:29

Mary Elrod

I started attending Dream City Church in January of 2010 and a couple of Sunday’s later I heard a message preached by Pastor Barnett about the importance of faithfully tithing to the Lord.

In May 14, 2010 I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and started radiation oncology on May 22, 2010 and I also had six sessions of chemotherapy with the last treatment on July16, 2010. After this session of chemo I did not hear from my Oncologist for about 2 and half months. When I was finally contacted the doctors they told me the cancer had spread to the esophagus and the liver and they felt I was beyond hope. They gave me a copy of my CAT scan and sent me home. The only thing that could help me was a miracle from God.

During the time I was ill and could not attend church I still mailed in my tithe and one day in July I sent a letter with my tithe asking the church for prayer. Pastor gave the letter to Pastor Saeed who gave it the people at TEAM UP! Against Cancer. They came to see me, prayed with me, provided information on available resources and encouraged me to attend the Tuesday night Prayer Meeting at PFA.

I started faithfully attending church, the TEAM UP meetings, the prayer meetings and sitting in the circle of prayer on Tuesday nights believing for my healing. During that time I gave my CAT scan to the people at TEAM UP and they had a doctor read the scan and he confirmed it was “stage IV lung cancer with metastasis to the liver, esophagus (“ I don’t know how he can eat”), the spine and most likely the brain – and added “he needs a miracle.”

I asked David Bryant what else could I try and he researched and found a natural product called Poly MVA therapy, that might work and we contacted the people at Poly MVA who referred us to Dr. Charles Baughman, a doctor in Peoria, Arizona and I started on the therapy on November 17, 2010. The treatment protocol was IV infusion of Poly MVA three times a week and 8 teaspoons of Poly MVA liquid daily. Dr. Baughman also suggested a specific dietary and supplemental program to go along with the Poly MVA therapy.

When I started on this therapy my CEA blood profile was 16.8 (normal is 4.3 to 5.0). I had faith and God started His work on me and my CEA profile level has come down to 5.7 with our goal being 5.0.

On May 8, 2011 the doctors did a pulmonary procedure on my lungs and took some scar tissue from the lung and ran several tests and they all came back “Negative.” I had tests in September of 2011 which proved my liver, esophagus, spine and brain are cancer free and there is no presence of cancer anywhere else in my body.

It has been 6 months since my last tests and I am still cancer free. I give praise and thanks to my God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for my miracle for my healing! John Martinez – Cancer Survivor

About Poly – MVA

Poly-MVA is a  specific  supplement formula that can assist in boosting immune response, replenishing key nutrients and supporting cellular metabolism. The formulation of lipoic acid with other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids provides considerable nutritional support, helping to enable optimum functioning of essential body systems.

While it’s most significant use is in the fight against cancer, Poly-MVA’s  research, history of use, success and safety, as well as its many revitalizing and healing effects on cell function, make it a superlative cellular nutrient for  support and  prevention of degenerative diseases and quality of life.

The Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research places enormous value in Poly-MVA as a product that can assist those people who suffer from various forms and stages of cancer. Compelling  ongoing evidence indicates that it can support the body to target and eradicate cancerous cells without damaging healthy ones.

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John Martinez

Throughout my life I believed our family was uniquely blessed. We seemed to be shielded from loss, overwhelming challenges, or tragedy. This stability came to a screeching halt in the spring of 2010 beginning with the loss of my father, our family’s patriarch. With my mother’s dementia accelerating after the death of my father, the harmony of our family was replaced with tension and division as it became necessary to make decisions for her care. Struggling with the loss of my father and the heartbreak of my mother’s declining mental health, I began to seek the close walk I experienced with the Lord before I allowed the busyness of my career to consume my life. I questioned if it was even possible to regain that close relationship and fully trust in Him. My answer came in a phone call on October 13th of 2010 with the startling results from a biopsy showing infiltrating ductal carcinoma in my left breast.

The diagnosis of breast cancer was life changing. In the weeks that followed, my husband John and I turned to God’s word for comfort and peace. Through the most challenging storm of our lives, we experienced God’s abundant love and we became certain there are no coincidences in the lives of believers, only divine appointments. We saw God working in our situation daily and we were overwhelmed by His loving mercy.

The first divine appointment came when God used circumstances and scheduling for perfect timing and early detection of the cancer. The radiologist performing the biopsy assumed the biopsy was not necessary as the tumor was not significant. With the unexpected results, he questioned the radiologist who initially detected the tumor. Dr. Hanson responded, “ I just had a feeling.” I know that ―feeling was the hand of God. When viewing the films in the surgeon’s office a week later, the surgeon said, “How did the radiologist find that?” It was an opportunity to say, “God tapped him on the shoulder.”

In the weeks that followed God held us close through His word and the prayers and love of family and friends. He brought friends from our past back into our lives in the most unexpected ways. More divine appointments. We felt the gift of God’s love and mercy as He surrounded us with the support of Spirit filled believers.

The course of treatment recommended was lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node dissection with radiation to follow. On Sunday night before my scheduled surgery, God once again showed His amazing love and care with another divine appointment. While singing and praising God at our church, John and I recognized one of the worship leaders. She was the assistant to the surgeon who would be performing my surgery the following day. Karen leads worship at the Central Campus, but that Sunday evening she was needed at the Northwest Campus of our church where we attend. We spoke with her after the service and were blessed beyond measure to know a believer would be standing over me during surgery. There are no coincidences in believers’ lives.

The week following my surgery brought the good news of answered prayer. Clear lymph nodes! Praise God! The pathology showed an additional surgery was necessary, as the required margins were not achieved. John and I needed a few days to pray about the next step. We were certain there was a rea-son the surgeon had not achieved the required margins. After prayer and God giving us numerous affirmations, we were confident and at peace in moving forward in my treatment with a double mastectomy. Once again we thanked God for His hand on my life as the pathology reported an unexpected find in a different area of the breast. Without God giving me the opportunity to change the course of treatment, it would not have been detected and removed.

All went well following surgery and I began to regain strength quickly until I developed C-Diff a week after surgery. C-Diff is a severe intestinal disorder requiring hospitalization. The symptoms and medications resulted in loss of appetite, continued weight loss, severe stomach pain and loss of strength. Having always been healthy and active, I became discouraged as my greatest accomplishment for the day was showering.

God knew my discouragement and growing fear. On the day of my greatest need, He sent one of His precious children to minister to me. Crystal Azizi, a member of Dream City Church and friend, called saying, “God told me to come and visit you today. I welcomed her visit and will be eternally grateful that she followed what God laid on her heart. She arrived at our home armed with the Word of God, prayer, praise music, healing scriptures, and information about Team Up! Against Cancer. That day was pivotal. The growing fear and discouragement was replaced with trust and peace.

Following my diagnosis, I received extensive information regarding cancer support groups. Though they are extremely helpful to others, I did not plan to join as I felt my support was adequate. Crystal asked me to speak with David Bryant, leader of Team Up! Against Cancer, and she invited us to the prayer meetings held weekly at Dream City Church. After speaking with David, his knowledge, warmth, and helpful spirit encouraged me to give the support group a try. John and I arrived at the first meeting as strangers and left feeling as though we had been with family.

Meeting with this special group of believers, attending the prayer service, and joining the prayer circle each week have been instrumental in my healing. As Pastor Saeed has said, “We need to have a need.” We thank our Lord for allowing us be blessed in our need through this ministry.
John and I thank God for the prayers, love, and support of believers through these months. I thank God for holding me by my right hand. I am now cancer free with only an 11% possibility of recurrence. Thank you Jesus! “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, do not fear, I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13

Nancy and John H.

September 2010
My name is Pam……….The year was April 1992 – I was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma breast cancer in my left breast. I remember questioning “Why me God” and having the overwhelming feeling of, “Why not me”? I had always shied away from actual contact with someone that had received a “cancer diagnosis” for no other reason than just not knowing what to say to them or how to comfort them. In my 20 year journey God has used my experience with this dreaded disease to minister to others. He has opened many avenues in the area of listening, sharing, supporting, praying with and for others and has developed lasting friendships, thus fulfilling the “Why Me”.

At my initial surgery I opted for double mastectomy as a preventative measure even though cancer had not been detected in the right breast. The biopsies confirmed the cancer in the left breast and an additional diagnosis of lobular in situ carcinoma cancer in the right breast. The decision to have double mastectomy was the first of many blessings in which God showed me His Divine Intervention.

The year to follow was a very hectic time with treatment, re-construction, doctor appointments and therapy. The reports continued to show that the cancer had been removed and life began to resume normally for the next 2 years. My 2 year check-up was routine but a tumor the size of an orange was spotted on an ovary requiring additional surgery and further treatment. The biopsy proved to be non-cancerous.

Faithfully every year I went for an annual checkup and the prognosis was always a clean bill of health until November 2008. A routine chest x-ray, blood work-up and a visit with a new oncologist was the schedule that day. My oncologist for 16 years had given up his patient list to work in a different area of oncology treatment. To digress a moment: when I received the letter notifying me that I would have a new oncologist and the fact that I had been told for years that annual checkups were not necessary I considered not keeping the appointment for the annual checkup. After much prayer, I felt the necessity to have an oncologist on record so I kept the appointment. Divine Intervention once again!!

The physician assistant came into the room where I was waiting after my blood work and x-rays. The questions came one right after another, “are you feeling okay,” “are you in pain”, “have you suffered any trauma”, “have you been in an auto accident”, “have you fallen”, “have you…..”, “have you…. At this point of the conversation I knew “something” was not right and my head is spinning from all the questioning. I silently prayed, “God this is in Your hands, be with me, and surround me in Your peace”.

The next months were a whirlwind of additional tests, biopsies and doctor appointments. The biopsy confirmed the cancer had laid dormant and undetected for 16 years but had now metastasized to the sternum, T11 and T12 vertebrae, and a possible lesion on the skull.

Treatment started in January of 2009. I was assured that my cancer was very treatable and the form of chemo I was given would help to keep the cancer controlled. I tried three different types of the chemo and each one had its different effects, none of which I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Sitting in church one day the announcement was made that “Team Up Against Cancer” would be having a meeting on Tuesday evening. I went there to find out what this group was and how to be involved. I will never forget how God intervened once again and opened the doors to a possible alternative treatment. I was given information on a cancer vaccine study and also a alternative treatment being done at a facility in Scottsdale. The cancer study got my attention for two reasons. The first being that the information was called in to the facilitator of the meeting that day and two, he had also received this same type of treatment 20 years prior.

My church family laid hands on me, prayed for me, and supported me. I think back often of the day the pastor in my Sunday morning class prayed for healing of my cancer and spoke the specific area where the cancer was in my body. I had not shared that information with the class. God intervened once again.

I was so positive that God opened the door for me to be involved in the cancer study and when I received the call that they denied me as a candidate, I was confused. I pressed forward in my research of the other facility and the treatment they offered. I knew God was working this situation out in my life and I would continue to press on.

A few days had gone by and I received a call from the lady I had filed all my paperwork with for the cancer study. She told me that she felt very strongly that I would benefit from the study, so much so that she talked with the doctors directly involved and they had agreed to take my case before the board for an exception to let me be a participant. That decision came in less that a week. I knew it was from God and was His Divine Intervention once again!

Many obstacles arose in the next few months, from insurance issues, financial issues, travel arrangements and cost, different advice from medical professionals, work schedules, etc. Every obstacle that Satan put up was resolved by God immediately. I saw the miracles of His grace to me every moment. There was such a peace involved in the decisions that I had to make and I am happy to report that I am in the study and my checkups show that the cancer has not been active and there have been no additional sights found in the body. I know God used this avenue of treatment to heal me of this disease. He has also provided me the opportunity to share this study with three ladies diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, thus fulfilling once again the, “Why Me” in my life.

When we are faced with horrific circumstances that appear overwhelming and make us feel so powerless, it’s wonderful and humbling to personally know a God and Savior that opens doors, changes minds and hearts, provides friends and loving family that pray and help with travel and other expenses, and provides peace to face those insurmountable circumstances.

Psalm 30:2 O, Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.

Mark 11:24 Therefore I say to you, “all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them ,and they shall be granted you.”

Pam J.